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Winter Edition of Update-Renovate 2015

What is the best floor to put in my house?

A timeless question asked by most people when they start exploring the wide range of flooring options available.

The answer lies between “A floor you like the look and feel of” and “A floor to match its use”.

There really is no “Best Floor” that meets all needs, so what are the main options and their advantages and disadvantages?

Durability is measured by “scratch” resistance and “dent” resistance.
Laminate flooring has the highest scratch resistance and I recommend it for people with dogs, who live near the beach, have young children, commercial premises or a rental house. It is low maintenance and also the most cost effective option with very realistic timber looking surfaces. The more you pay for the laminate the more dense and water resistant the core material becomes and the greater the number of different prints in the packs (you will see the same board less often).

Bamboo takes the award for the highest “dent” resistance. If your partner is still dancing in stilettos, this is a floor for you. ProFlooring only lays Cold Pressed, 14mm thick Strand Woven bamboo because it is more stable and colour consistent than Hot Pressed bamboo. Prefinished with a tough multi-layer ceramic based varnish, bamboo has the same “Scratch” resistance as Engineered Timber Floors and can also be sanded and revarnished. There is a wide range of colours to pick from, but compared to timber there is less variation in colour and less pattern or features on the boards. Some like this ‘less- busy’ effect.

Engineered Timber Floors have a prefinished polyurethane coating that is much harder than any finish you will put on in later years and its “dent” rating will depend on the species of timber you pick. Timber costs more than the other two options but every board has a unique pattern and more features than bamboo. It can be sanded back in later years. The current trend is towards the grey and beach looking oak floors, but the happiest new-floor-owners, are those that pick what they like!
By Guy Thornycroft