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How to pick the right floor for you – Winter 2018

Start with the look you like

Your new floor is going to be something you live with for a long time so notice what floor drew your eye the first time you saw it. From years of selling flooring it is no longer surprising that after much deliberating and changing minds it is frequently the first floor a client picks that they go with.
Once you have a colour and style you like, you can consider what material will best match your lifestyle.
Questions to ask should include:
Do you love the beach? Will sand be carried into the house by children or tenants less careful about cleaning their feet than you? Do you have dogs inside that could scratch a varnished floor? Do you want to keep cleaning to a minimum?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions then consider a laminate floor. Laminate will give you a water resistant to water proof floor that is very hard to scratch with a matt surface that more easily hides dirt. Laminates are also good for high traffic areas such as entry, lounge, dining, kitchen or rumpus rooms.
A quality laminate is waterproof, has a lower repeat rate in the plank design and will have better colours and surface texture, which make the boards more authentic looking. By touch most people can’t tell a quality laminate from a real timber plank. Make sure you are getting these features for the price.
If you love a glossy deep sheen floor then timber is your obvious choice. Engineered timber will give you a far tougher finish than a board that needs to be sanded and vanished in your home. Ask your local flooring shop to show you the difference.
Buying local and using a team in your area to lay it will mean there is someone close by to sort out any issues you have with the product should they arise down the line.
Lastly, take your own advice. Others will have their own ideas, but this is your floor, so pick it for you, not to please someone else.
By Guy Thornycroft