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Winter Edition of Home and Lifestyle 2017

Having decided on a timber look for your new floor, you are now faced with a seemingly endless range of options! Here’s what to think about-

  • Traditional vs Modern

Over recent years we have seen the white wash/ lime wash / beach cottage effect come into its own. This trend will continue for a while yet. Traditional country-kitchen looking floors will do the same and there are a wonderful range of “Reclaimed Timber” options in Laminate, Bamboo and engineered Timber. Modern finishes include all the high gloss options with less variation in the colour or texture of each plank. Gloss vs Matt
While a high gloss finish gives a classy, formal impression, a matt surface might be more suitable for busy families with pets, simply because it shows less dust and scuffs etc. Are you an active family with open doors and people in and out, or is a more formal look what you are after?

  • Degree of feature, knot and grain

On a small sample, a plank with many knots, strong crown grain and features can look busy, but when it is laid in a larger area the eye does not see the individual marks but the impression and overall colour of the floor. No one on entering a room focuses on a single plank. On the other hand if you want the floor to be more of a blank canvas to display your furniture on, bamboo has very little feature and will give you that effect.

  • Light vs Dark

Light colours in small areas may give an impression of space, while darker floors will accentuate softer coloured walls or furniture. The darker colours will create a more dignified and stately effect while the lighter colours will brighten a room.
Be mindful of the style and colours of the furniture that will be in the rooms!
Be sure to borrow samples to look at in your home as the lighting will be very different to that in the shop. Call or email us with any questions you have (4342 6666 or
By Guy Thornycroft