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Setting the mood through colour palettes
Setting the mood through colour palettes

The hues of your interior say much about you… So they are important to get right. There are two ways of doing this and I suggest the first. When you walk into a show room let yourself become aware of what floor samples you are first drawn to. Quite simply notice what you like the look of when you first start looking. Often we see what we like but get swayed by what others are doing or saying. The other way is to decide what you want to create in advance. You can use an interior designer or the following 6 combination ideas from QuickStep will steer you in the right direction.

1. Yellow & beige

Stand for sun, fun & optimism. Make a dark room feel sunnier and create a peaceful atmosphere with light oak or beech flooring

2. Red and orange

Stand for warmth, intimacy & harmony. Picture yourself in an exotic, warm place with Jarrah, Sydney Blue Gum or Merbau design. Add colonial and solid furniture for accentuation

3. Brown

Stands for earth, comfort & security. Connect with nature by laying brown-tinted floors. The excellent backdrop for rustic furniture and bright, strong colours

4. White and light beige

Stand for light, purity, & timelessness. Go for a contemporary feel and add brightness, space and light to the room with a pattern of light maple or pine colours

5. Grey

Stands for neutral, chic & peaceful. Grey flooring is the perfect match for trendy colours and warm tones. An added plus: it will give your classic furniture a contemporary look

6. Black

Stands for luxury, style & class. Add flair to your home and give your room a luxurious appearance with black flooring. Contrast with bright colours on your walls and ceiling, and add a couple of eye-catching decorations for maximum effect

See all these colours and borrow samples from the ProFlooring show room in Umina.