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Winter Edition of Home and Lifestyle 2018

Start with the look you like Your new floor is going to be something you live with for a long time so notice what floor drew your eye the first time you saw it. From years of selling flooring it is no longer surprising that after much deliberating and changing minds it is frequently the … Continue reading “Winter Edition of Home and Lifestyle 2018”

Setting the mood through colour palettes

The hues of your interior say much about you… So they are important to get right. There are two ways of doing this and I suggest the first. When you walk into a show room let yourself become aware of what floor samples you are first drawn to. Quite simply notice what you like the … Continue reading “Setting the mood through colour palettes”

The inside story

Anyone who has done the same task a number of times knows tips and tricks they didn’t know the first time. Here are a few to make laying new flooring easier: 1. How much flooring do I need? Waste is inevitable from short ends to ripped boards in the last row of each room. One … Continue reading “The inside story”

Winter Edition of Home and Lifestyle 2017

Having decided on a timber look for your new floor, you are now faced with a seemingly endless range of options! Here’s what to think about- Traditional vs Modern Over recent years we have seen the white wash/ lime wash / beach cottage effect come into its own. This trend will continue for a while … Continue reading “Winter Edition of Home and Lifestyle 2017”

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