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Oak flooring is the same as engineered Timber with an Oak top layer on several layers of other hardwood timber. Oak provides the opportunity for a wide range of colours.

Natural oak is a mild honey colour but the raw timber takes staining well and the finished options range from white to black though the greys, browns and warm honey ranges and can be distressed, washed or traditionally finished to suit the effect you are looking for.

Most ranges of Oak flooring are finished with a matt varnish surface. The 7 layers of UV cured lacquer is applied under factory conditions to provide a high abrasive wear resistance. Oak displays strong feature in crown grain and knots so if you like the ‘timber’ look, oak is a great option. This also helps hide normal dents, wear and tear as marks and scuffs easily blend into the features of the floor.

ProFlooring only sells floors from manufacturers with clear social responsibility policies. The majority of oak flooring is made from sustainable forests in Europe. This reduces the variability in colour and quality that marks flooring from less regulated regions. An advantage of oak flooring is the longer and wider boards that can be made when compared to Australian species such as Blackbutt or Tasmanian Oak. This has greatest effect when laid in large wide open areas.

Like all natural timber, oak will change colour over time. Your new floor will appear paler before UV light darkens the tannins over several months to enhance the golden tones. The heavier the stain or wash the less noticeable this will be.

Oak flooring comes in 14mm or 15mm planks with some of the wider and longer boards being 21mm thick. We have a large area of the showroom laid with Oak by the windows and there are a wide range of samples for you to borrow to assess how it would look in your project.